The Folk Today Project
The Folk Today Project

Folk Music is being reinvented these days. Now it’s alt. folk…


We say that’s not enough.  The Folk Today Project wants to bring the fundamental principle of folk music, singing about how we live, right up to the minute.

There are issues big and small that are often in our faces today such as school bullying, hanging out vs dating, mobile phone obsession, gay marriage; you can probably suggest more.

Musicians should be singing about this, shouldn’t we?  It’s what music does so well.

Bob Dylan did it during the 1960s protest years.

Masters of War

Joni Mitchell did it for parking lots and malls.

Big Yellow Taxi

Pete Seeger reprised the classic workers’ rights song.

Joe Hill

The Folk Today Project is a band of skilled musicians from New Zealand, performing here under cover as session musicians. We’re dedicated to putting the message back into indie folk music.

Our new song “Earth Anthem 2017” is about the disturbing timetable that scientists have set for global warming.

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