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Eric Klinenberg - Going Solo

The trend is huge, says Eric Klinenberg, the NYU sociology professor and author of the new book “Going Solo.” In 1950, 22 percent of American adults were single. Now that number is almost 50 percent.

Eric Klinenberg’s New York Times Interview

We Say

We thought “Wow, almost 50 percent of American adults are single. What about love?”
Then we wrote this song:

“The reason for living” © Neil Pharazyn – words and music 2013 (APRA)

I’ve read more people want to live alone these days.
They think it’s really cool, I’ve heard it said.
In their own apartments in the big town – these days.
I must say that seems a little weird.

I live my days with you my love.
We sit and watch the sun.
We plan a child. We have a laugh.
And hey, we have some fun.

‘Cos you know and I know
as stars shine above,
the reason for living.
The reason is love.

I tried to live alone once in the big town,
in a hi-tech condominium.
But I checked out ‘cos there was something missing; so wrong.
It takes love to make a house a home.

I roll with you my lovely girl.
We kiss our newborn son.
We build a business selling cakes
and hey we have some fun.


They say it makes sense to live on your own.
You can do your own thing, that’s for sure.
But I see the reason for living, my love,
each day when you walk through that door.

x2 Chorus

The Folk Today project is a band of skilled musicians from New Zealand, performing here under cover as session musicians. We’re dedicated to putting the message back into indie folk music.

You say

What do you think about the new “Going Solo” trend uncovered by Professor Klinenberg? Where do you think love fits into the picture?

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